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The Chiropractic Education

The study to become a chiropractor recognized by the GERMAN CHIROPRACTOR'S ASSOCIATION (G.C.A.) is at present possible only in England, Canada and the USA. 

The study at a recognized Chiropractic College takes 5 years and covers approx. 4800 lecture hours. The education starts with fundamental studies, comparable to that of medicine. 

More than 1/3 of the chiropractic education though is dedicated to special chiropractic diagnostics and treatment. All chiropractic manipulatory maneuvres the students practice on each other, so each Chiropractor knows exactly how the treatment feels. 

Attached to all colleges is a day clinic where the students learn in independent work under exact guidance of experienced Chiropractors proper patient management. 

This extensive education guarantees that a graduate, who receivesthe title " DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC " is capable of proprer patient management and treatment. He also knows his limitations, though, so that in cases necessary he can competently order special investigations or transfer to a specialist.  

In Germany the does not exist the profession of "Chiropractor". Person working chiropractically in Germany have to work under the licence of "Heilpraktiker" (Naturopath). 

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