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Indications for Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is indicated with many acute and chronic painfull situations of mechanical origin at the joints of the spinal column or extremities. Also many other complaints can be treated chiropractically. Some examples are: 
  • Headaches, Dizzyness, Tinnitus (ear noises),

  • Neck pain, " Tensions ", " Stiff Neck ", "Whiplash Syndromes" (rear end collisions). 
  • Pain and movement restrictions of the shoulder.
  • Tennis elbow and problems of the wrists and fingers e.g. Carpaltunnel Syndrome, "Pins and Needles" of the fingers etc..
  • Pain of the Ribs (Intercostal neuralgia).
  • Low Back Pains, Lumbago (Pain of the low back)
  • Intervertrabral disc prolapse with Sciatic radiating pains down the legs.
  • Knee complaints, Meniscal lesions
  • Foot complaints, Droped arches, Heel Spur


     A chiropractic treatment can be applied  even if the joints are changed by degeneration, like in arthrosis or other illnesses. Also Osteoporosis up to a certain degree does not necessarily exclude a chiropractic treatment.

    How long does a treatment last?

    Besides the competence and dextreity of the Chiropractor it must naturally be considered how long the problem exists, its severity and the age of the patient. Naturally a problem is solved faster with a young rather than an old person. Also the patients will for wanting to get better and his perseverence are important.

    By normalizing the function of the spinal column the Chiropractor enables the body's innate healing powers to unfold. In addition, it is necessary that the patient shows perseverance: Heavy, longer persisting complaints need several treatments. In general one can say that initially two treatments per week are necessary. After the condition improves one treatment per week is sufficient. Most cases need 5 - 10 treatments. 

    Often, already after the first treatment, an effect of feeling well is encountered. Sometimes, however, a certain worsening of symptoms is noted. This has to do with the tissues having to adapt to the new situation. This reaction is part of the healing process. 

    Many people, to improve their feeling well, have themselves treated chiropractically in regular intervals of 2 - 3 month, thus to prevent the the emergence of chronic spinal column problems or to improve existing chronic conditions, thus to reduce the use of pain medication. They also seek treatment to be able to unfold their efficiency, e. g. athletes, in an  optimal way. In any case a chiropractic examination and treatment should take place after each fall or accident in order to possibly prevent any late effects. 

    Characteristic of Chiropractic

     This therapy for the Normalization, Prevention and Healing has the following characteristics:
    • Chiropractic is a manual therapy, therefore by nature without medicines, injections or operations.
    • Chiropractic is fundamental. It does not eliminate just the symptoms, but the cause of suffering, by correcting  joint mobility and the spinal column statics.
    • Chiropractic is a forceless application. Brutal extensions or stretchings, which are done by some manipulators, do not correspond to the principles taught at Chiropractic Colleges.

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